In Defense against Division and why I Chose Destiny

Look I understand we have a brand new MMORPG. I get that its human nature to try new things and forget what you once had. Sure, Destiny was something different for Bungie, after they sold the rights to Halo to company 343. I understand it didn’t go exactly as plan. There were going to be hiccups but the game right now after all expansions has Destiny flying high into its next expansion and eventually Destiny 2. Maybe I’m biased, since I will always prefer first person over 3rd person in almost any game. It’s not so much the camera. I’ve enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 5, Mordor, and GTA5 recently. It’s the awkwardness of trying to gun down someone online from a 3rd person angle where as in first person my reaction time is all that matters and the freeness of switching weapons and scoping in and out comes second to none

I do love what The Division is doing with their version of the “Darkzone” and I love that Ubisoft is giving players a 1 year plan of all upcoming updates including raids and events. And I’m sure there will be much more content out of the gate than Destiny had coming out.

But think of it this way: How many hours have you put into Destiny?If you put a few hours into Destiny and thought it wasn’t for you, sure you may want to hop on over to The Division. But for myself and those like me, who have put more than 500 hours into Destiny and leveled up their guardian or guardians (in which our progressions will last for 10 or more years for how long ever Destiny will continue to make more sequels), it just doesn’t make justify for me to dive into a new game and do the same thing again.

“But Destiny won’t have another expansion till the Fall and I have enough time for both!” Hey, if you got the time to do both, then more power to you.

For now I will be monitoring what I am “missing.” I feel I’m doing the smart thing. Maybe not the right thing, but the smart thing.

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