Top 5 Shows you should be watching

Mr. Robot (USA Network)

Did you enjoy Fight Club? V for Vendetta? Of course you did. Imagine them both intertwining. Now picture hacking, the computer kind, instead of fighting. Need I say more? How about hacking 70% of the global consumer credit industry (a fictional company called Evil Trade) eliminating almost everyone’s debt causing a revolution. No More Debt. Awesome show! Season 2 is already picked up as well.

Leftovers (HBO)

Imagine walking down the street with the love of your life and out of nowhere she disappears. Or you go home to your family and they all disappear. An actual 140 million people, 2% of the world's population disappears and everyone still has no idea why or what happened. Maybe it’s biblical, maybe its supernatural. The rest of the world is trying to cope and move on but now cults are starting to pop up and outrage is a foot. Creative show I must say.

Silicon Valley (HBO)

This show just motivates me to innovate and scratch my balls at the same time. The idea of competing in a fast paced environment of Silicon Valley is shown really well. TJ Miller, a comedic genius, is damn hilarious in this show and plays the part of a hustler. It’s all about watching a few nerds strike an impact in the tech market while learning from their own mistakes, while Google wants to steal their idea. Mike Judge has this show on point!

Bob's Burgers (FOX)

It just feels like many people are sleeping on this comedy. I think that largely had to do with its poor animation compared to Family Guy and the Simpsons from the start, but the writing is amazing. If I wasn’t such a fan of H. John Benjamin (Archer) I don’t know if I would have checked this show out, but thank God I did. The every character in theburger joint family all strongly written and hilarious. Even side characters play a fantastic role.

Rick and Morty. (Cartoon Networ

This one is one of my favorite animated comedies in a long time because it feels like Back to the Future meets Futurama. Space traveling, crazy dimensions, space exploration, supernatural creatures are all just a small part of Rick and Morty’s adventures. Rick plays a scientific genius and brings Morty along in all his adventures, even most of the time against his will and it works perfectly. Something creatively hilarious happens each time to keep you on your toes. A must watch for any Futurama fans.

Honorable Mentions: Banshee, (Which only wasn’t included because the show has concluded). Vikings, Black Sails, The Americans, and Married.

What shows are you currently watching? What shows aren’t you and why aren’t you? Let us know if we missed any that should be on this list!

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