The Tick Returns

Spoon! Evil is afoot. Again. It looks like the Tick’s eponymous comic book series (which originally ran a total of 12 issues) is back in an Amazon series. There was an animated series, a live action series starring Patrick Warburton, and now a live action series starring someone not named Patrick Warburton. Series creator and long-time TV writer, Ben Edlund (Angel, Venture Bros., Supernatural), is back to write and produce. Griffin Newman is on board as Arthur with Valorie Curry as his sister Dot.

If there’s any justice in the world, they will follow the original comics a little more closely and update as needed. As a long-time fan and owner of both the original 12 comics and entire animated series toy run, I need to see Chairface Chippendale and Barry (the other Tick) in live action. I’m also throwing my hat into the casting choices… Ben Edlund, if you read this, I was born to play - the Chainsaw Vigilante!

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