Code 8 - New Movie is possibly AWESOME

Code 8 is a new upcoming Sci-Fi Action movie that slid just past under the radar. A 36 second preview clip teases the new movie and rumored to star Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell. The very end of the clip ends on a very intriguing cliff hanger, which leads me to believe it has great potential to be an awesome movie. Oddly enough, it’s rumored that Stephen isn't in the movie because his name doesn't appear under a cast list, but may be a producer instead. If he does have an acting role, it will be notably different from his Arrow role and it’ll be exciting to see him expand his acting range. Known for his role as the Green Arrow on Arrow that airs on the CW, not only is he beyond well-liked by fans, he has sex appeal and good acting skills under his belt, too. His cousin Robbie Amell is briefly seen in the teaser. Robbie has appeared on a few CW shows including The Flash. He is best known for his role as Stephen Jameson on The Tomorrow People. Sung Kang, a Korean-American actor, of Fast and the Furious fame can also be seen in the teaser. This is an exciting group of actors for this mysterious film. The Amell cousins have experience in sci-fi roles, and Kang has his experience in high octane action films. Not much is given in trailer just the fact that it looks like it based on the near future, the police now have some sort of droid cops that remind me of Robo Cop, and it takes place in a fictional city of Lincoln City that looks a bit like Los Angeles. There’s also reference to people born with abnormal abilities, so we can expect to see something similar to inhumans or mutants. Naturally, clip cuts off right when it gets good. But if you’re like me and want to see more, unfortunately you’ll have to wait. The website counts down to March 22, 2016 and most likely will release a full trailer then. Check out the teaser below:

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