Luke Cage Release Date Reveal

Marvel comics character Luke Cage made his on screen debut on the Netflix Original series, Jessica Jones, late last year. It was announced that he was getting his own show, making this thethird out of four characters to have their own shows before they assemble in Netflix’s futureThe Defenders series. Here’s what you need to know about Luke Cage, a.k.a Power Man, before the series premiere. Spoilers from the comics ahead.

Luke Cage was born and raised in Harlem, under a different name, where he ran with a gang called The Rivals, fighting their rival gang, The Diablos, and committing crimes by the order of deformed mobster Sonny “Hammer” Caputo. Cage dreamed of being a major racketeer before he realized that his actions were hurting those around him. His friend, Willis Stryker,while moving up in the crime world, angered the crime group, the Maggia. Luke Cage saves Striker, but this leads his girlfriend Reva Connors to break up with him. Stryker turns on Cage by planting drugs on him, and tipping off the cops. Cage is arrested and thrown in jail.

In jail, he undergoes an experiment by Dr. Noah Burstein to increase cell regeneration based on a variant of the Super Soldier process. Luke Cage receives superhuman strength and durability, escapes the prison, and goes by the identity, as we’re familiar with, of Luke Cage, also known as Power Man. He becomes a hero for hire while becoming friends with Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and later Jessica Jones. He has been an Avenger, a Defender, a part of Heroes for Hire, a part of Thunderbolts, and a part of the Fantastic Four.

It seems like the show will focus on his earlier life and his present day adventures, branching out of Hell’s Kitchen, introduced in the DareDevil series and will take place in Harlem. In this series, we will be introduced to the final Defender, Danny Rand a.k.a Iron Fist. Mike Colter will return to play Luke Cage.

The series will stream on Netflix on September 30th. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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