Alfred Pennyworth Could be Getting His Own Show?

Bleeding Cool News reported that Warner Bros. TV has trademark a series titled, “Pennyworth.” This means that the possibility of a show starring Alfred Pennyworth is not out of the question. The trademark filing could lead to a spinoff of the Gotham TV series, an original animated feature starring his daughter Julia, or nothing more than just protecting the name. We don’t know for sure yet, but here’s what could happen: Pennyworth could follow Bruce Wayne’s guardian and butler during his time in the British Military. A show like this could explore his backstory and explain why he ended up in the service of the Waynes. Recent series such as Gotham, Batman Earth One, and Batman Vs. Superman has shown a more action oriented Alfred, so we may get to see more of that. Another potential story could explain what Alfred does during Bruce Wayne’s teenage escapades, where he goes back to England, falls in love, and has his daughter, Julia. Julia Pennyworth’s story would focus on her and the relationship she has with her father. This will also explore who she is and how Bruce feels about her. It wouldn’t be a romantic tale but more of a brother and sister story. Batman cares for Julia and wants to protect her from the people that are aiming to harm them. Or it could go the opposite way where Bruce does not trust her at all and they have to work together. Pennyworth will be a good companion series for Gotham if it done right. But an animated series could tie all their animated Batman movies together. Only time will tell if we see anything of this trademark.

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