San Diego Comic-Con Coming to a TV near you

If you didn’t get tickets to the always packed San Diego Comic-Con, then get excited because soon you will be able to watch SDCC on TV.

SDCC and Lionsgate announced there would be a subscription video on demand service in April 2015 and said it wouldn’t launch until the following year. Now, people excited for the upcoming on demand service can sign up at to get a free beta access pass, which will start working on May the 7th, or free comic book day.

The service will go up officially this June and it should be up and running by July for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The content that will be aired seems to be a mash up of comic con panels, film festival movies and a bunch of original content. If you are familiar with the G4 back when it still had its own channel, then you will recognize the style and possibly some faces. Adam Sessler, and Kevin Pereira and the rest of Attack Media will be involved with the channel.

Right now SDCC is boasting a variety of programming from unscripted to scripted original shows, and all the bonus features you normally get when you buy a DVD. All of it combined seems like it might make a decent channel.

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