Blüdhaven Promo Released - Fan Series In Production

After two years of acting as Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Harvey Bullock in Young Justice: Abduction, Colin K. Bass and Sean C. Swanson were ready to start a new fan series with these characters. One night while working on another series they asked themselves “What if Nightwing and Harvey leave Gotham and work together to save Blüdhaven? Pre-production began immediately and they filmed a teaser to premiere in front of a live audience at Long Beach Comic Con. The teaser received a great response from everyone in attendance.

In association with, they are now in production of Blüdhaven, a new fan web series.

Stay Tuned to or for updates of the series.

Blüdhaven Synopsis:

In an attempt to step out from the shadow of the bat, Nightwing leaves his city, his mentor, and his team behind. Blüdhaven has a new hero now, and for the first time in years, hope. But with every force of good, a new force of evil will arise. In order for Nightwing to become a hero in his own right, he must save Blüdhaven. Promo Video:

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