Civil Wars Post Credits Scene Confirmed!

In 1963, From Russia with Love ended with a title card promising that James Bond would return in Goldfinger. In 1979, Animal told the audience to go home when The Muppet Movie’s credits finished. Then came Marvel. Marvel decided post-credit scenes were a necessity. Heck, when I see a movie that doesn’t have them, I am left wondering and wanting.

Behold! The Russo Brothers have confirmed that Captain America: Civil War will have something after those credits roll (or during them). Anthony and Joe Russo, Cleveland’s favorite sons (yours truly excluded), have said that there will be at least one post-credit scene, joking that we may get two or three. They remain tight-lipped on just what will be showing up. But…

What are the possible events showcased in this scene? They could introduce Doctor Strange to the wider Marvel Universe. Thanos was ruled out by the director’s themselves, promising the big bad alien won’t show his face in this movie. I’ll rule out the Guardians of the Galaxy because I can’t see them returning to earth soon. If it isn’t the Master of the Mystic Arts, I’d put money on a joking, fun Spider-Man moment to end what is rumored to be a fairly dark film. The least likely but still highly possible option is that we learn where Hulk is, what he’s doing, and how he’s going to end up in the next Thor movie. My chips are still firmly on the Doctor Strange square of the Marvel Roulette Wheel. Doctor Strange is in filming, tied to earth, and will bring magic into the world.

But… What if this was an idea world? What if there were no rules? My dream sequence would be either the Fantastic Four show up, announcing their return home to Marvel and (please, please) good movies, or something absolutely crazy and out of left field. Imagine if we see some cosmic Marvel being like Eternity, Death, or the Living Tribunal pop in to discuss the upcoming events with Thanos. Maybe Dr. Druid gets recruited by the Avengers. Maybe X-51, the Machine Man, pops in for weirdness. Or Forbush Man. Or Ka-Zar. Or…

Yeah, just expect to see Doctor Strange make his way into the Marvel world after Civil War goes down.

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