Hellblade Goes Beyond the Uncanny Valley

Hellblade is pioneering a new way of motion capture for gaming. Using a new technology for actors to perform their scene, Hellblade developers, Ninja Theory, are able to utilize Unreal Engine 4’s rendering in real time with a combination of the Epic Game’s Unreal Engine, 3Lateral’s facial recognition, and Cubic Motion’s live facial system. This allows them to capture and render the performance live without going back to finish rendering.

The actress for Hellblade underwent several processes to capture her expressions, how lighting hits her face, how clothing falls on her body, and even how the blood flows under her skin.

“I think we’ve taken a big step forward in crossing the Uncanny Valley (a term to describe the odd look of CG character models for looking too human) and we’d love to see what other developers can do with this technology,“ says Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic games.

This not only opens up the potential for the future of gaming, but also for film and TV.

You can check out the development diary below:

Hellblade is slated for a 2016 release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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