Club Cosplay Review– The Yost


Club Cosplay threw another amazing event this past weekend with everything you want and more. I would like to start off by saying, if you have not been to a Club Cosplay event, you are missing out. Seriously! I've been to about 6 Club Cosplay events now and 6 great things you can expect: 1. Great DJ's 2. Talented bands 3. Awesome stage performers 4. Epic costume contests 5. An experience you won't forget and 6. Cosplayers, nerds and geeks of all kinds! The resident DJ's of Club Cosplay are DJ Galactic Ray and DJ Chuck None. These two DJ's are at every event and they know how to start a party! When they're on stage, it's hard NOT to dance! This last Club Cosplay was held for the first time at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. The venue was beautiful, modern and very spacious. It had a second floor VIP room which showcased another DJ and a full bar to give it that exclusive feel away from the main stage downstairs. Club Cosplay moves around to different venues which always keeps it fresh and exciting. Though the DJ's are awesome and the lights are cool, we all have to agree that the best thing about Club Cosplay are the people you meet. Club cosplay has created a community for nerds to meet, dance, drink and become friends. And it's awesome! Where else can you find this at? NO WHERE! The next Club Cosplay will be held at the House of Blues in Anaheim in Downtown Disney on April 29th, 2016. This venue is always awesome! You won't want to miss it!

Here's a photo gallery from Con-Woman photography. Make sure and follow her on Facebook for more awesome event photos

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