Supergirl / The Flash Crossover Episode

Back in February we saw a glimpse of a possible crossover episode with Supergirl when Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, crosses through a portal to Earth-2. Well not more waiting; it’s finally here!

You can expect to see the two combining forces to fight off the Silver Banshee and Livewire. The Flash seems to be helping Supergirl in exchange for help getting back to his universe. But it seems fitting: two villains, two super heroes. Livewire is really helping bring out the Silver Banshee’s dark side and takes her under her wing. I’m guessing she will become her protégé.

We saw in a previous episode that Supergirl has fallen from grace due to exposure to red kryptonite. She has been doing some damage control but with a new villain in town needs some good advice. Can the The Flash, as another superhero, be the one to help out? Can their possible defeat of the two bad gals put her back in good graces with National City? We will have just have to wait and see.

The episode entitled Worlds Finest premiers March 28th at 8pm on CBS.

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