Doctor Who to return to Amazon prime!

Article Update: W.T.F BBC*

So back in February I wrote very angry article about the fact that BBC, in all its glory, decided to block every avenue for Americans to watch our beloved Doctor Who. First it was taken off of Netflix, then Hulu, then Amazon Prime and Finally BBC American online. So we Whovians united! Many petitions were signed, angry blogs and articles written, and I’m guessing tons of protests and rallies held…I’m guessing. Well, not sure about the last one but you get my drift. BBC and BBC America heard our cries and finally cracked.

Last month, Amazon teased that they would be releasing The Doctor series on their streaming services. It was confirmed that Seasons 1-8 will be exclusively available for Prime members late March. Then the most recent Season 9 and Christmas Special will be added later this fall.

Amazon Prime Video now has the exclusive rights to the beloved series. It is very interesting because as far as I understood BBC was in the works of creating a new streaming platform of their own just for America similar to their own BBC iPlayer. I’m not complaining. On March 27th (Today!) Amazon Prime members, like myself, will be able to watch Doctor Who again.

And hey, is $99 a year worth every season of Doctor Who the new and 2-day shipping on almost everything? Absolutely!

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