What We Know About The Nintendo NX So Far

With the announcement of Nintendo discontinuing their Wii U by the end of the year, leaked images of what could be the company’s newest console’s controller spread through the gaming networks of the internet like wild fire. Despite being announced early 2016, very little has been revealed about the Nintendo NX since Nintendo is choosing to be secretive about this. Here’s what we know so far: On January 20, Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki tweeted that "Nintendo's NX may work with smartphones, PCs and even rival consoles such as PlayStation 4." Earlier in March, Microsoft made their cross platform announcement, so the possibility of Nintendo NX having cross platform capabilities is highly viable. Other rumored features include:

  • Cross-gameplay between Nintendo NX Console and Nintendo NX Handheld Device

  • 4k/60 fps streaming

  • Web surfing & phone calls via television.

  • More of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong exclusives

  • NX console, sensor bar, HDMI cable, and game controller in the box

  • Nintendo Network

  • 900p/60fps

Like the last few Nintendo consoles, there will be backwards compatibility, something Nintendo includes to continue to separate themselves from competitive systems (PlayStation and Xbox backwards compatibility are much more limited in comparison).

The NX was also rumored to offer a free online service like they have before as well as a subscription option, the ability to rent or purchase old games, and support for previously owned digital games and media.

We can expect to see Nintendo continue their trend of releasing a console paired with portable unit. Equity services group Macquarie Capital Securities expects the second unit to launch in 2017 for an estimate of $200. This reminds me of how much confusion parents had trying to separate Wii from a Wii U. Even the digital generation were confused by it, too, asking, “Is a Wii U the same as Wii? Just an add-on or something?” Although I’d want Nintendo to release the whole system at once, they may have an additional plan due to their expansion into the mobile gaming market.

Leaked images of what is potentially the NX controller surfaced on the internet. If there is one thing I hate when it comes to gaming, it’s touch screen and touch screen controllers. Try having fun with a PS Vita when 4 touch screen buttons are placed in the back. Genius! No but seriously, check out this cool picture of their first leaked controller surfboard thingy.

Looks like it belongs with my daughter’s Beach Time Barbie and I’m sure there will be a Nintendo NX Pro controller sold separately.

How do you feel about the NX and controller? Are you sad about the Wii U? Let us know in the comments!

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