From Hero to Anti-Hero - Our Top 5

We all know who the heroes are. They are the ones who live by a moral code to protect everyone around them. Not just the ones they care about, but anyone who needs a helping hand. But do you know the anti-heroes? They are the ones who are the mercenaries, the ones who only do what’s right conditionally or selfishly.

I’m here to help you with your anti-hero know-how. Here are 5 anti-heroes-- who they are, what they do, from DC and Marvel universes—that you need to know:

1. Deadpool

The famous Merc with a mouth is one of the most loved anti-heroes of all time and brought in an even bigger fan base from his own film by Fox Studios. Also going by Wade Wilson, the canonically Canadian character’s abilities consist of a superhuman healing factor, enhanced hand to hand combat, and being highly skilled with his katana and guns. His anti-hero trademark is his violent killing techniques, though he only kills the bad guys.

2. Red Hood

Also known as Jason Todd, Red Hood was the second Robin after Dick Grayson. He took off after a disagreement with Batman on how to handle the villains of Gotham and was killed by the Joker, only to be resurrected by Ras Al Ghul in the Lazarus pit. There he became the Red Hood and returned to Gotham. Highly trained in weapons and martial arts he goes on to create his own team called The Red Hood and the Outlaws who took measures into their own hands. As an anti-hero, his goal is to decrease crime in Gotham but does so by committing crimes in Gotham.

3. Deathstroke

The world's greatest assassin and mercenary in the DC universe and an enemy of the Teen Titans. Originally a soldier in the U.S. Army, he was part of an experimental super-soldier project and gained enhanced strength, agility, and intelligence. His two out of three children would go to become Titans members themselves as Jericho and Ravager. Most of his actions are always limited by a code of honor-- Deathstroke never kills just to kill. Later on his motives become much more villainous after the death of his wife, Adeline Kane.

4. Wolverine

Logan a.k.a the Wolverine was originally born in the 19th century under the name of James. He runs away after he discovers his bones protruding from his hands like claws and his power of regeneration, and rummages throughout time taking matters into his own hands all across the world until he meets a man named Stryker who promises to help him control his powers. Stryker only makes him indestructible in an adamantium experiment and erases his memory. Logan runs off in a confused rage where he meets Charles Xavier who promises to help him with his memory if he joins in with the X-men. Over the years he’s become less of an anti-hero and has been part of many heroic teams including the Avengers.

5. The Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil to save the life of his father only to be tricked and given the power of the Ghost Rider. As the Ghost Rider he is completely indestructible when in his fiery skeleton form. He makes the anti-hero list because he’s essentially the devil and takes the souls of his victims, who are generally criminals. Which are your favorite anti-heroes? Let us know in the comments below!

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