Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Event Recap

It took a decade to reveal what was revealed at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in Los Angeles on March 30, 2016. For over ten years, a single game was thought to be lost in development hell, even warranting rumors that the team dropped the title and was waiting for it to fade from the memories of fans in a poetic style very Final Fantasy-esque. The event was described to showcase the release date of the upcoming game, but fans wondered why such a big event, of 6,000 attendees, was necessary to announce a release date.

The event, it turned out, was much more than the reveal of the release date. Hosted by Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) and Tim Gettys (@KindaFunnyVids), streamed live for the entire world in addition to having a live, local audience, Uncovered: FFXV was an event that revealed 15 different things about—no not the game—but the UNIVERSE that Square Enix created. And they’re all listed below:

1. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the “Father” of Final Fantasy, was at the event. He spoke about what it was like seeing a franchise grow so much, and likened the series to a child. The goal of FFXV was to bring back innovation and challenges that made the series popular in the first place.

2. A new trailer was revealed that showcased in-game graphics and cinematic clips. Not much about the story that we didn’t already know was revealed but acted as an extended cut of previously released trailers.

3. Yoshitaka Amano created artwork for the game as traditions stand, but what made the new official Amano art for this one was the 3D rendering of the piece he called, “Big Bang.”

4. The series has seen singers such as Charice, Leona Lewis, and Angela Aki. The newest theme song is a beautiful cover of the classic Stand By Me by Ben E. King sung by Florence + The Machine.

5. The game will also feature various modes of transport, including the traditional Chocobo and the highly anticipated convertible, to cross the vastness of the amazing environments.

6. A new environment trailer was also showcased with beautiful in-game rendering of different landscapes and weather. From desert and beaches, to cliffs and cities—night and day and all modes in between, fan or not, the environment is breathtaking.

7. An accompany anime mini-series called Brotherhood is already available to watch on YouTube. The series acts as a backstory to the characters of the game.

8. The most surprising reveal that could only be described as monumental and almost (ALMOST) justifies the 10 year long wait is the new completely computer generated, feature length movie titled KingsGlaive. Fans will think back to Advent Children, but the tech and detail shown in the KingsGlaive trailer makes Advent Children look like your middle school fan art.

9. Square Enix is teaming up with Audi as seen in the KingsGlaive trailer. When the car turns, you’ll notice a familiar ringed logo. It turns out to be more than just a brand placement, but a product placement for the car will exist in our world soon. The Audi R8 has a unique Final Fantasy design and only one will be manufactured and no one can afford it. (And if you can afford it, please give me a call.)

10. KingsGlaive continues to surprise with its casting choices. The new film stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), and Sean Bean (Yes, THAT Sean Bean).

11. This game’s mini game will be available on its on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms and titled Justice Monsters V.

12. A new demo was also announced available on March 30th called Platinum Demo. Where the FFXV: Duscae demo came from the full game itself, Platinum Demo is a standalone story separate from FFXV. It acts more of a tech demo, introducing new and veteran players alike to the combat systems while showing off its weather and lighting engines.

13. An Ultimate Collector’s edition and Deluxe edition of FFXV was revealed. The Collector’s edition will have a Blu-Ray version of both KingsGlaive and Brotherhood along with the Soundtrack, art books, and DLC content. The Deluxe Edition will have KingsGlaive and some DLC content.

14. They revealed the date to be November 30th, 2016 to catch fans off guard, only to then show the already leaked release date of September 30th, 2016.

15. “But where are the airships,” you ask? It turns out the car seen in the trailers transforms into a small private airship. And it’s just as cool as you think.

After taking a look at the different things “Uncovered” at the event, it’s no longer a surprise as to why it took over 10 years for this title to come out. With a CG movie and ancillary games all to be released prior to the actual game itself, one can only wonder how they kept it all a secret for so long. What is worrying is that these 5 pieces to this universe (the game, anime, CG movie, mobile game, and standalone Demo) and their concurrent releases seem like a last ditch effort to save the company from financial ruin as it is known that the company hadn’t been doing well in the last couple of years.

The company is surely betting on the success of FFXV to confidently release ancillary products before the main game comes out. Not that I blame them. After 10 years, the hype is definitely real.

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