The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The day that fans of the Bat and Supes were waiting for had finally come. Almost 3 three years since the announcement of Batman V Superman, also announced at San Diego Comic Con where the crowd went crazy. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The Good

Ben Affleck makes a good Batman/Bruce Wayne. He is able to add grit and gravitas to a character portrayed by many actors before. Yes, we are treated again to the death of his family which motivates him to do what he does best. Affleck was smooth as Bruce the billionaire playboy and the detective. As Batman he was more to the one we saw in the Dark Knight Returns written by the legend Frank Miller. For a character that we’ve seen many times before, Batffleck was different. His relationship with Alfred played by the brilliant and comedic Jeremy Irons is both witty and smart.

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) makes her debut as the ass kicking Amazon. People who criticized her cast were wrong. She was able to shine and out do the boys in this gritty movie. Diana Prince and the brief introduction to the other heroes in DC’s Justice League franchise were done well and made sense to the movie.

The Bad

In a movie that was supposed to be the sequel to Man of Steel, Superman and his part of the movie were flat. Henry Cavill plays a very still and almost robotic Superman. Unfortunately this makes the movie slower than what it should be. Perry White played by Laurence Fishburne has some zingers but that does not help Jesse Eisenberg’s turn as Lex Luthor bring down the mood and pace of the film. He is an awkward version of the character that we have seen and is a mix of mad scientist, billionaire businessman, and mad man. The scenes with him were just bad.

The Ugly

As for the story, it was a comic book story that had elements from the last 20-30 years of DC comics. The unfortunate part is that the movie was very much a DC movie. It promised a fight for the ages that ended before it started. I felt like looking at an amazing cover and not getting what I saw when done with the book. The worst part to this film is that whole third act of the film was ruined before we even bought our tickets already spoiled by Zod actor Michael Shannon and the second trailer of the film. The appearance of Doomsday. It would have been a good addition if we did not know what was going to take place. It would have been the only good thing to come out of the third act which still was not a good pay off.

This movie suffers from having director Zack Snyder at the helm. The story was not told very well and felt like it could have been two movies. There was no need for the hype that we received for the last couple of years. We were not given a grand fight but just a misunderstanding. What the movie did good was gave us a comic book movie, introducing characters for the Justice League movie with very minor world building, and two-thirds of the DC Trinity actually shining. In a movie that was supposed to be a sequel to Man of Steel, Superman and his cast of characters are duds. This movie is not bad but it’s not good. I left it feeling like I watched something but there was no joy or anger after it. All this was a lead up to a film we won’t see for awhile in a universe that needs more development. DC stood true to form and gave audiences what comic book fans have been getting for a long time now which nothing but fluff. This movie gets a 5.5 out of 10.

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