Who is Negan? What You Should Know Before the Finale

Season 6 finale of “the Walking Dead” saw us fear for the wellbeing of our favorite characters. During the finale, we are introduced to a man that will make us fear him. That man is leader of the Saviors, and his name is Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will portray the big bad for the season finale and through Season 7. So who exactly is he and why is he a threat? Well I’ll tell you but beware of comic book and potential show spoilers lurk ahead.

In Issue #100 of the “the Walking Dead,” the bat swing heard around the world happened. This issue introduced us to Negan and the rest of the saviors. In the comic we see are characters recovering from the past events in the story. The day goes on as usual, well you know, as usual as can be during the apocalypse. Rick and the gang are on a mission when they are stopped by the Saviors. The group is lined up one by one on their knees. This is where we first meet Negan. He goes into a vulgar laced speech that describes what he wants from the survivors and the community of Alexandria. They have to give the Saviors half of their goods. If they do not comply than Negan will have to use Lucille. He demonstrates this by bashing in the skull of one of the few original survivors.

Here in the last panels of the book we see Glenn die.

Negan is a sociopath and a psychopath. He is a man that will do anything to stay alive without thinking twice. Negan is a man who established the Saviors after the outbreak and his base of operations called the Sanctuary. He not only takes supplies from communities but he also takes women from other men. They either die or are marked with an iron so that the Saviors know that Negan can take anyone’s mate and you either die or live with a scar. His weapon of choice is Lucille, a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. Negan is a straight brute and a savage living life like a modern Viking while also being a strategic man. He has gone far since the start of the outbreak and it will take more than Rick and his gang to stop him.

Who knows what will happen to Glenn but we are for sure going to get Negan. This was only a brief look at the man who is the leader of the saviors. He plays dirty and he is also man with no care. As a fan of the comic book series I can only hope that he is half as horrible as he is in the panels of the book. Robert Kirkman is a writer who develops characters that we love and hate. Trust me you will hate Negan for all the right reasons.

The season finale of The Walking Dead airs on April 3 at 9pm it will be 90 minutes long so brace yourselves.

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