Miitomo: Nintendo’s First Phone App

As of March 31st, 2016, Nintendo launched their very first cellphone app on Android and iOs: Miitomo. This is the first in a spate of apps that take the quirky fun of Nintendo and shove them into bite sized morsels designed to part consumers with time and money. The big, exciting one to be released at a later date that all the Nintendo fans are waiting for with bated breath is Pokemon Go. Miitomo, however, is just an app. It’s certainly no augmented reality Pokemon game and I hesitate to call it much of a game. It’s a communication… thing.

Mittomo is a social media app designed around customizing and interacting with your Mii (avatar) and other Miis of friends. The nice thing is that we can now link our Nintendo accounts and social media sites – as of launch, I linked Facebook and Twitter. You design your Mii to look like you. The camera function works pretty well, guessing your in-game appearance based on your actual appearance. It’s extremely simple and so definitely lacking. Myunique hairstyle is nowhere to be found. Still, it works well enough that my Mii looks like I do. Sort of.

Sadly, that’s about it. The main feature is winning or buying (yep – free to play, but pay to advance gaming has struck Nintendo) outfits for your Mii. There’s a mini-game where you can play to win more costumes and clothes but… Meh. Some people will love it. I don’t. You can still continue without spending money by completing missions for coins to buy outfit parts.

As Nintendo’s first app, it’s kind of a dud. If they eventually add more actual mini-games other than a Plinko-esque drop game, then it might be worth it. As it stands, it isn’t worth the plunge unless you really want to make a cartoon version of you dressed as a cat. At least Nintendo promises their second app will featuring a well-known Nintendo character.

Please be Mr. Game & Watch.

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