PS Remote Play - Now More Exceptional

One of the most beloved features of the PlayStation family grows even more exceptional. Remote Play was a feature promised during the PS3 era. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t work as advertised in the slightest. The idea was simple. Via Wi-Fi, the information from the PS3 would transfer to your PSVita which would allow you to play your PS3 away from the TV and over a Wi-Fi connection. This feature would not come into fruition until the PS4 launched. Surprisingly, it worked very well. I have used Remote Play to play various games while on the bed or even at a friend’s house.

The only real pitfall to Remote Play is that it was contingent on owning a PlayStation Vita. While I love my Vita, it was definitely a polarizing device with lackluster sales. However, as part of the latest PS4 3.50 System Update, Remote Play can be done using a PC. There are a few reasons why that is such a big deal. First of all, more people own PCs and Macs than Vitas. Therefore, this exceptional feature can now be accessed by more PS4 owners. Secondly, this allows for the use of Dualshock 4 controllers via Remote Play. While Remote Play on the Vita was well-done, it was still very limited by the controller layouts. Even games such as Destiny that has optimized UI layouts when playing via Remote Play were difficult to do. Therefore, using a Dualshock 4 and a larger screen allows the player to mimic the experience more accurately.

Sony has announced that the resolution and frame rate can be adjusted based on bandwidth. 3.50 also brings a number of social changes such as the ability to appear offline.

Let us know, have you used the Remote Play feature? Are you going to now that it’s accessible on PCs and Macs?

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