Cloak and Dagger Coming to Freeform

With a new day comes a new series from Marvel: Cloak and Dagger. The next duo of super powered humans will live on Freeform, formerly the ABC Family network. It is being described as an interracial romance story with superpowers. Freeform is a network that is aimed towards teens and young adults. We can expect that this series will follow two young people discovering their powers as well as themselves. Both Cloak and Dagger were originally from “Spiderman” and “X-Men” comics in the Marvel universe. In the comics, Cloak and Dagger dealt with drug use, prostitution, love, and differences within cultures and having powers. Cloak’s real name is Tyrone Johnson. He has the power to engulf others and himself in darkness. Dagger, Tandy Bowen, can emit light daggers. They were made for each other as much as they were made for a teen-oriented network. Freeform is the perfect place for this tale of love, powers, and changes. Will the duo be mutants or Inhumans? How will they get their powers and will it follow the comics? Will the show explore the darker elements of the couples story? Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger will join Freeform’s other series, Shadowhunters, in what the channel call their Superhero Fare genre. Shadowhunters has more fantasy elements than the super hero show that will join them in the near future. Cloak and Dagger currently has no writer but is currently underway in the development process. We will keep you up to date on this series as it develops.

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