Anticipating E3 – Nintendo

Every year, E3 serves as an important indicator for the direct future of a company. This has never been truer for Nintendo this year. Nintendo has had quite a rough few years. Specifically, the Wii U has had a very tumultuous life span. With lackluster sales, a small library, and minimal third­party support, the Wii U has failed to even remotely gain the traction of its predecessors. And with very few games on the horizon, the future of Nintendo has never been so unsure.

Early last year, Nintendo announced their new hardware codenamed the NX. As of now, there are very few definite details on the product. Most speculate that the NX is the follow up to the Wii U. How that looks? We are unsure. Many leaked screens and patents support the idea that the NX will be a hybrid console merging handheld and home consoles. Whatever it is, the NX will need to do something big in order to make up for the plummeting 3DS sells and the atrocious sales of the Wii U.

One aspect that Nintendo has been absolutely crushing in is on the Amiibo front. Despite their minimal functionality in games compared to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Nintendo’s Amiibo sales have been colossal.

Keep on the lookout for E3 2016 to figure out just what the hell the NX is.

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