Live Action Pokémon Movie Coming Soon?

The Hollywood Reporter claims a bidding war is happening between three companies for a live action Pokémon film. Legendary (surprisingly owned by a Chinese conglomerate) is reportedly pushing hard to outbid Warner Brothers and Sony. History lessons aside, it may be tough to get a Japanese company (The Pokémon Company – Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures) to hand over any rights to a Chinese company, even if it’s just for one film. Legendary was responsible for the last American Godzilla film, though, so there is precedence.

I think I can safely say what we are all thinking after hearing this news… No. Please, no. The only other film based on a Nintendo property was the hilariously bad Super Mario Bros. movie. If the film sticks to the anime’s story of young Ash and Pikachu heading off for adventure, we could be in for a pleasant surprise. Maybe they’ll even hire a Japanese actor or two!


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