Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 Review

For the past five years, I’ve attended the same three cons: San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, and Comikaze. This year, I decided to expand my con horizons and attend Long Beach Comic Expo. The two day event, Feb. 20th and 21st, was held at the Long Beach Convention Center with over 100 vendors and artists sharing the main hall. I went on Saturday and it was one of the most chill cons I’ve been to.

Attendance on Saturday was low, most likely due to people trying to get San Diego Comic Con badges that same morning,so the dealer floor had a good flow to it. It was easy to navigate. Unlike, say, SDCC, I didn't feel like I was in a pack of sardines walking the floor.

Security was accommodating and respectful. Around 1 PM I met up with my fellow Whovians for a Doctor Who meet-up arranged by The Whovian Complex. The last time we had a meet up was at Comikaze and there were so many of us cosplaying that we kept getting shuffled around by security. This time around it went off without a hitch!

The entrance to the panels was off to the side as you walk into the dealer room, so it kept halls clear from too many people lining up. However, some panel rooms were small and at capacity, which jeopardized the Agents of Cosplay panel.

Overall I enjoyed the con. If you’re new to conventions and don't want to go HAM by going to SDCC, this con is for you. It has the feel of SDCC - right next to the beach with cooler weather - without the craziness. This con is also good if you’re a con veteran that wants a change of pace. I was able to see more of my favorite cosplayers. I was even interviewed by Nerdbot! Nope, I wasn't paid to write that (The Kurt Broz’s note: Seriously. We didn’t pay her to say that. We can barely afford a pack of Pokemon cards).

I’ll definitely be back next year to the Expo, and I’m also looking forward to their sister convention, Long Beach Comic Con, in September.

Here's are interview video from the convention. Enjoy!

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