WizardWorld Cruise: A Con Out At Sea

Already a brand known to many convention goers, WizardWorld has 20 conventions around the US. All of them have been on land until now, and the question can be asked why?

If you love the cruises and cosplay then maybe this upcoming convention is for you. Normally a convention would take place on land, or maybe even a harbor. WizardWorld takes this to a new level, they are taking a convention and putting it on a cruise. There will be panels, guests, vendors, and everything else a convention would have the lowest packages start around $700 and go up from there.

The dates for the trip are December 2nd to the 5th, an odd choice for a cruise line convention, especially right before Christmas. Luckily, the ship takes off from Miami, Florida and goes to Nassau in the Bahamas and should be a warm vacation.

As of right now not much is known, everything is probably still being hammered out. We do have a few guests already announced, and the biggest ones right now are Chris Hemsworth and Norman Reedus. Vendors and exclusives are still hidden away and seeing as this con is months away it’s not hard to figure out why.

If this is successful it will be interesting to see the logistics of it. Planning a convention itself is very hard, but now you have to put it on a moving surface and plan a cruise line itinerary. All of it seems like unendear work, but WizardWorld is willing to put in the effort. We will see how successful this convention will be, and if they bring it back the following year if it was worth the planning.

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