Geek Fuel Review- April 2016

Geek Fuel has been one of my favorite subscription boxes for a while. This month was no exception. With three Geek Fuel exclusive items in addition to the rest of the box, this month was a lot of fun.

Let me explain the thing that makes Geek Fuel better than the others. Geek Fuel is the only subscription box that has included a free Steam game code inside. This month's game is Fallen A2P Protocol, a post-apocalyptic, turn based, tactical combat and strategy game. This game was a $20 value which I got for free. Now let's get into the rest of the box, shall we?

First up is the one item that was not an exclusive item. A First Order Vinyl Bobble-Head by Funko. Every subscriber had a chance to get either a Stormtrooper or Flametrooper and I got a Stormtrooper. The quality of this bobble-head is quite good, as is to be expected by Funko, with quite a bit of attention to detail.

Next is the first of three exclusive items: The Doctor Travels Through Art History Coaster Set. This is especially neat if you're a Doctor Who fan, or even just a fan of art. It features the TARDIS in four different classic pieces of art: The Great Wave, Starry Night, American Gothic, and The Nighthawks. Each piece includes a short story on the back.

The other exclusive item is another Doctor Who item, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Two #1 Comic Book-- a Geek Fuel exclusive version. Subscribers had a chance for a Limited Edition Variant Cover. It's neat to see that Geek Fuel is willing to get exclusive collectable content such as this, even if it is simply an exclusive reprint of another comic.

Finally we have the Geek Fuel Exclusive t-shirt: Smash'Em Crash'em The Brawl to Settle it All. This features a pair of "Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots" that are designed to look like Captain America and Iron Man. This is really neat because it plays on nostalgia, but it also makes a reference to Netflix’s Daredevil with the venue on the shirt called "Fogwell's Gym Hell's Kitchen." The shirt came in different colors, and we got blue, which made my girlfriend happy as that's her favorite color.

In addition to these officially listed items, we also found a random Captain America shield sticker, which was not explained at all in any of our reading materials, so we just figured it was a neat.

Geek Fuel is also giving away two grand prizes on their site when you choose one of two teams. Team Ironman gets a PS3 and a statue of Ironman, while Team Cap gets an Xbox One and a statue of Captain America.

Overall, this box was a lot of fun. Even though this isonly the third Geek Fuel I've received, I feel it was one of the better ones of all the subscription boxes I've received, and I look forward to next month's Geek Fuel.

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