Geek Fuel Review - March 2016

Where Loot Crate and Nerd Block have themes each month, Geek Fuel does things a bit differently. Geek Fuel simply puts together a crate of items that they believe are relevant, including a Free Steam Game. This month the game was Dinocide, a fairly unique side scrolling game where you play as a cave man whose girlfriend was kidnapped by the local monster/mountain. Your goal is to rescue her with Stone Age weapons and dinosaurs at your disposal. The difference is your health bar doubles as your time limit. As you play, your health steadily drops, meaning you need to eat the food around the level in order to keep going. It's an interesting mechanic and it helps make the game unique.

In addition to this game, we also received "The Legend," an exclusive art piece by Juan Muniz of Link, star of the Legend of Zelda. We received classic green, which my girlfriend and I actually enjoy more than the limited edition variant. There was also a Batman v Superman Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure, specifically Batman in his Superman Fighting Armor. That was pretty neat. We loved the Geek Fuel Exclusive Vision of Justice t-shirt which had the eyes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Doomsday.

Now, those things were neat, but the greatest part of all was getting Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir Stan Lee. This made me extremely excited! I've wanted to read this since I first heard about it and the fact that we got it in our return to Geek Fuel was incredible!

Overall we loved Geek Fuel this month, far more than Loot Crate, and we look forward to the boxes in the future.

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