Hollywood Jane Revue - We’re Just Drawn That Way: A Burlesque Tribute to Animation REVIEW

The Hollywood Jane Revue is a Los Angeles based Burlesque show which performs out the Rockwell Table and Stage in the Los Felix Area of Los Angeles, CA. It consist of both boylesque and burlesque performers. I had the pleasure of attending this specific show for the second time and with a bigger crowd and some new additions to the show which made for a memorable night of nerdy, funny and sexy performances. The venue is a great and beautiful place to bring a date, have a double date, or even attended with a group of friends.The tickets can be purchased online and you pick which seats and table you would like to sit at with the price range of $11 to $17(including fees). You can also come in the night of the show but some of the best seats will be taken.

Each performance was unique in its own way. Each female and male performer showed so much confidence on stage and entertained the crowd using props and even taking the performance into the audience in some acts. The emcee would introduce each act and the show and each actranged vastly.

Performances included Monsters Inc., Archer, Disney, DC, and Venture Bros.I loved the two Venture Bros. Tributes, which included Sgt. Hunter Gathers and Dr. Girlfriend. The last act was an ensemble cast for Bob’s Burgers which featured the whole family! Every performance had a great mix of show or movie music and dialogue to go with the theme. There were two intermission with Pokémon and Duck Tales theme songs, and some of the performers would also walk amongst the patrons during intermission and after the show, giving audience members a chance to snap a picture with the performer.The stage hand dressed as Secret Squirrel which kept the theme going in between performances.

The food, and drinks are priced for on the more gourmet tastes. The dimming of the lights during the performances was greatly appreciated especially since it’s such a nice venue that catches your eyes inside and out. Parking isn’t bad and the venue is easily accessible via the Metro Redline with only a little less than 1/2 Mile walk from the Sunset/Vermont station.

Here are the links to their Website, Facebook and Instagram, so you can stay up-to-date on their performances.




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