7 Most Wanted Villains for the New Batfleck Movie

In the least shocking announcement of all time, Warner Brother’s CEO and chairman Kevin Tsujihara announced that Ben Affleck would be helming his own batman movie for the DC cinematic universe at CinemaCon, Las Vegas. This is good news for fans as Ben Affleck has been on a roll lately, with Argo – a film he directed and starred in – garnering an Academy Award. Ben Affleck is more than a competent director. He also has an eye for the dramatic, perfect for Batman.

But the question is: Who do we all want to see as the villain? We know Joker is floating around, but why not going for someone new? Here’s my top 7 Batman rogue’s I’d love to see Ben Affleck take a stab at (probably literally if Batman v. Superman has a say).

The Riddler

The best Batman bad guy to not get a fair shake lately (don’t get me started about Gotham…). Bring in a young, twitchy actor and play up the psychological warfare like Ben Affleck masterfully acted through in Gone Girl. Potential Actor: Jay Baruchel because he can play a twitchy, smart guy.


Danny DeVito was creepy but not the classic Penguin. He could work great as a secondary schemer, running his Iceberg Lounge and channeling illegal activity behind the scenes. I could see Affleck playing off the difference in the two rich men, one good and one evil. Potential Actor: John Bradley because I'd like to see him try sinister.


Spoiler, but Batman has a nightmare in Batman v. Superman that looks suspiciously like Man-Bat. If DC really wants to be the anti-Marvel, a horror movie starring the twisted image of Batman could be a good start. Potential Actor: Ethan Hawke because he can play a frazzled guy in horror.

Calendar Man

Give creepy Julian Day his Long Halloween persona, a vile Hannibal Lector archetype playing his own games against the aging Batman. Potential Actor: Tobin Bell. Always Tobin Bell.


I could easily see Affleck crafting a smart, psychological horror film. Imagine Invasion of the Body Snatchers but replace aliens with Clayface. Batman would have to use all of his detective skills to figure out what is, and isn’t, real. Potential Actor: Ryan Gosling. Clayface needs to be handsome but a bit forgettable when he's not a CGI monster.


If DC wants to base the look of their movies off of the New 52, let’s bring in a villain no one really knows. The Dollmaker’s twisted daughter, her story is… beyond disturbing. Perfect for the Batman from Batman v. Superman. Potential Actor: Tao Okamoto, as an apology for killer her off immediately in Batman v. Superman.

Killer Moth

The ONLY way to counter the depressing, overly serious atmosphere of Batman v. Superman is with Prisoner 234026 (or the Drury Walker version, whichever), better known as Killer Moth. And I mean full on ridiculously colorful Killer Moth. What better enemy for Batman’s triumphant return to theaters than me in orange wings and stripped spandex pants? Potential Actor: THE Kurt Broz, because I can rock spandex.

Who do you want to see in the next Batman movie? Let us know in the comments below.

Ben, call me. I’ll work for scale.

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