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In the last ten years Disney has been really trying to up their game when it comes to live-action remakes. They have come very far since 101 Dalmatians in 1996and have made some great movies more recently including Alive in Wonderland, which grossed $1.025 billion dollars worldwide and Maleficent in 2014which grossed well over $700 million.

Then there are films that were slated to have an impressive opening weekend and although they did pretty well, they did not perform anywhere near as predicted. These films, Cinderella and Oz the Great (Which I absolutely LOVED), both grossed over $500 million but didn’t reach the predicted $900 million mark.

Then there are movies that have completely bombed. Ones that you ask yourself: why did I waste my money on this? Ones like The Lone Ranger. We all love Johnny Depp, right? Who could have predicted a flop with a super high budget? Not I said the fly.

Here’s a compiled list of upcoming Disney films, what we can expect, and what I, a huge Disney enthusiast, have to say about them:

1. The Jungle Book just came out April 15th.At first I was apprehensive about the ability to combine animal characters in a live action sequence and to anthropomorphize them so much.

2. Beauty and the Beast which is slated for a March of 2017 release. It will star Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston, and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. Ian McKellen,who we all love from the beloved and collection, will also join the cast as Cogsworth.

I have mixed feelings about this film. I loved the original because of the interaction with the furniture and how lifelike it was. How they’re going to translate moving, inanimate objects in the film, is uncertain. Let’s see how it works because Watson is a great actress and the role of Belle does require some depth of character. I‘m also looking forward to the costumes.

3. A small segment from Fantasia is being made into a live action film called, Night on Bald Mountain.

The original animated segment,named after the symphony by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, featured a creature, Chernabog, once appearing as a harmless mountain, then suddenly spreading its wings and wreaked havoc among the creatures below. We know that the live-action film will also tell this story of a giant gargoyle rising above the skyline at night with winged creatures rising from the dead, and a bunch of mini trolls haunting the city. This is definitely making it one of Disney’s darker stories. I am definitely scared but super excited and waiting for more details to come out.

4. Next confirmed movie is a retelling of the story of “Winnie-the Pooh.” But this will actually focus on the adult life of Christopher Robin

I can overwhelmingly say this will not end well. The idea behind this loving character and his friends is so childlike that any adult would not be willing or wanting to engage the antics of the characters.Though I love the trials and tribulations of Christopher Robin and his merry animals I would never believe, as adult, he would go help Winnie get unstuck from a honey pot or go bouncing with Tigger.

Now let’s proceed with the movies that are rumored to happen but not yet confirmed.

1. Mulan, one of the first Disney movies to start a very strong female main character is supposedly in the works. Last year Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz was reportedly in-talks with Disney to star as the main role.

This is definitely one of my favorite Disney films of all time. The fact that Disney, for once, is looking to ACTUALLY cast an Asian actress to star in the role of an Asian character is great. This comes after the much controversy from films such as The Prince of Persia and many others where the cast Caucasian actors for roles of POC. If they can pull this off it can be amazing. Who doesn’t want to see a woman kicking ass in the military alongside her brethren? Ummm I do!

2. The Little Mermaid has been in the works for a little while. Although more recently, Sophia Coppola has dropped out as the director. She has cited creative and artistic differences as the reason. She continued to say she wanted to work on smaller projects in her own way.

I have high hopes for this project but not sure how well it can deliver.Knowing how many of these characters animals and how much of the time would be spent underwater, I’m just not sure it can be pulled off. Would it go the direction of Jungle Book, or something else entirely? I just really hope they can bring justice to one of the ultimate villains of all time: Ursula. Now she was definitely a badass!

3. There is also set to be a prequel to 1992’s This will focus on the Genie, the character made famous by Robin Williams. The film titled would lead the story into one of my beloved classics.

I’m just not happy with this. Maybe it’s because I will always see Robin Williams in this role. I can’t picture anyone playing this part with as much heart and laughter as he did. If they do find someone they better be able to live up to him, if not it will be a total flop.

4. We all love Tinkerbell right? Well Reese Witherspoon is reportedly playing this beloved character in the movie “Tink.” We know that Tinkerbell has had plenty of animated spinoffs with many other fairies in Neverland but this will be her first live action film that focuses on her.

I am super excited for this! I have always loved Tinkerbell and her attitude. She is very opinionated. In the animated films, we never really get to see her interact with many characters from the original story of Peter Pan. I hope this movie gives us an insight into who she is and her personal story either before, after or during that whole Wendy ordeal.

There are a few other movies rumored to happen in the near future including a remake of Dumbo (directed by Tim Burton YAY!),Pinocchio, Prince Charming (we aren’t sure if it’s the one from Cinderella or Snow White,) and a remake of the original detective duo of Chip ‘n’ Dale.

Let’s hope Disney doesn’t disappoint us with any of these. I will keep you posted as they come out. I’m looking forward to all of them… well most of them at least. Let us know which ones you’re looking forward to or which ones you think will be an absolute flop!

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