New Who, New Look, New Fail

We all heard and saw the big announcement of the new Doctor Who companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, during the half time FA semi-final cup. This was a ridiculous idea to begin since the point of new characters is to have them introduced during the show. I understand that the popularity of the show has grown over the years but the show has ALWAYS been popular. It is a story line that began over 50 years ago. To top it all off they did it during a football match. (That’s soccer to us Americans.) Now I know that this is a British show but its fandom spans all over the world so I’m not sure that was really the best way to do that. Plus, why would you actually reveal the choice in the first place?

The show ended on such an emotional point with Clara and Me going off in their own TARDIS and The Doctor with a new sonic screwdriver back in his velvet jacket and a great, determined look on his face. Clara even wrote her famous words inside, “Run you clever boy” and added, “and go be a doctor.” And now we see in the reveal The Doctor with a new companion somewhere asking what a Dalek is? No lead into who she is? How they met? How they got there? Nothing. This is exactly why introducing her like this makes no sense. I do know there will be an explanation when the season starts and they did it on purpose but it just grinds my gears they did it this way.

Thirdly, I am not really in love with this character’s personality. I think they are trying to create a character that that is very much the opposite of Clara. Simply by her by the looks of her outfit she maybe be a lot less girly then Clara, which is probably the only thing I do like. She comes across as this girl who thinks she’s funny but she’s not. She is also much very sarcastic and closer to a Donna Noble type and a little feisty but not in a good way. They are in a very dangerous situation, not a good time to be making jokes. I really liked Clara because when she first met The Doctor she gained his trust by listening to him and following directions. She was courageous and brave. This new companion is making jokes about the most dangerous war machines in the universe and The Doctor is trying to teach her something. Not cool man, not cool.

All in all, she has given me a bad taste in my mouth. But it’s just a preview, so I can’t be too hasty to judge her. This is my favorite show so I can’t let this ruin it for me. There’s still eight months until the Christmas special for me to work out my feelings towards Bill. She could end up being really awesome, who knows? The last season ended with The Doctor doing anything to save Clara, showing us that time travel isn’t everything, friendship is. So I hope Bill can grow to that kind of relationship with him as well. And with me too.

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