Welcome Back, Frank

In the world’s least surprising news, Netflix and Marvel are officially making that Punisher spinoff series we’ve all assumed was happening months ago. Jon Benthal will reprise his role as the Punisher he aptly played in Daredevil season 2. No word on main villains, plot outlines, or much of anything else other than the assumption the season will be a brutal bloodbath. Oh, and Hannibal showrunner Steve Lightfoot is onboard.

I’m guessing we’ll get to see some hot Jigsaw action, learn if Micro, ally to The Punisher in the comics and referenced in the Netflix series, is a real person or just a CD, and hopefully a bit of that dark comedy from my favorite Punisher series by Garth Ennis. In my fantasy world, I’ll get to see the comic where Micro begged Punisher not to kill anyone on Christmas come to life, complete with Frank dressed as Santa Claus.

What do you expect from the upcoming The Punisher series? Let us know in the comments below!

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