Titan Con: A Review of a College-run Con

In my year of going to new conventions, the next one I attended was TitanCon. Held at California State University of Fullerton’s Titan Student Union, this one-day con was put together and hosted by the students of the college. One of the things that piqued my interest in attending was that it was free. Since most single day tickets for other conventions run $20-$50 per ticket, free admission was a huge motivator in going. But believe me I put that money towards the dealer room.

I got there around 9:45am and check-in was quick and easy. I got my ticket from their Eventbrite site the day before and on the day of, all I had to do was open the app and have my ticket scanned. The most I had to wait was 10 seconds because I couldn't decide which volunteer should scan my ticket.

Next year, they’ll need clearer signs leading to the locations of the panels. I got a little lost trying to find the room for the first of two panels I went to. I’m glad I found the panel room because the two that I went to were very informative and dealt with issues that are within the geek and cosplay community.

The first panel I went to was Geeky Girls in a Boy Pop Culture World. Featuring local women in the geek community, including our own Nerdbot Editor, the panel discussed the challenges of being in a community that was just for the boys. But as women are becoming more active in geek culture, we shouldn't feel the need to constantly prove our geek cred. The best thing we can do is be proud in what we love and find our peers that share the same interests.

The panel right after that was on Cosplay Positivity. With cosplay growing steadily in the past few years, there has also been infighting within the community and this panel reinforces that all cosplayers start somewhere and it doesn't matter if you made your cosplay or bought it. We cosplay because we love the characters that we go as and we want to portray them to the best of our abilities.

After the panels, I spent the rest of my time in the dealer room and the outside area next to the Titan Student Union. Outside, there was an Itasha car show where every single car had a famous anime character painted on it. And unlike your standard pizza and burger con food fair, there was a vendor selling Japanese Pancakes (Okonomiyaki), fried shrimp tempura, and fried squid legs. This was one of the most favorite foods that I have eaten and I hope they come back next year.

The dealer’s room had around 20 vendors/artists. Of course this was where I spent a majority of my money because there were too many cute prints and pins to pick up. They are cheaper than prints and you can show them off anywhere.

There were also gaming (tabletop and computer/video game) rooms, a screening room, and an Arcane Maid Cafe.

With plans for next year being a two day event, I hope I’ll get to see more vendors and events around the convention area. Overall, I enjoyed the con and I look forward to going again.

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