Juggling Gaming, Marriage, and Fatherhood

As many fathers out there can agree, being a father is an awesome gift. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Before I became a father, the free time I had came second to none.

Nothing really mattered. I lived my life freely and did whatever the hell I wanted and when I wanted to do it. I’d even tease my friends about not ever wanting to have kids. How could I give up such a life I had? Me sacrifice? Yeah right! It’s funny how quickly that life can disappear after finding a hot woman on a three day cruise to Mexico. Three years later, I am now a father and have been one for 2 years.

Yup, that is me. A father. Who’d a thunk it?

There has been a huge adjustment on my life. I couldn’t go out anymore like I wanted too. I now had a huge responsibility that I can never go back on and it’s great. I love my daughter with all my heart and I have envisioned how to keep her in the nerd culture and share my hobbies with her-- like gaming of course.

Before becoming a father, I just partied, gamed, and watch sports like it was work—eat, sleep, repeat. Since life has changed for me, I don’t go out as much anymore. I don’t party anymore. Any sports I watch happen to be only seen on my phone when my daughter is watching her Doc McStuffins or Daniel Tigers Neighborhood lol (shows I didn’t even know existed). Oh and much of my time is taking my family out places that my lady wants to go to, which DO end up being fun (in case she’s reading).

Once the weekends hit, most times I rather just lay on the couch and game. Between work, exercise, and my family, I don’t have that luxury anymore.

So how is that I’ve played practically any new game that has come out and logged in serious hours and unlocked achievements galore while catching up on my backlog of games and getting about 7 hours of sleep a night? That answer is simple. I made the time. Now, you can, too.

Step 1. Work out a deal with your spouse. You agree to get your kids ready for bed and your spouse agrees to get up with them in the morning. This makes your spouse likely to go to bed around 10 or 11pm. Now you have found your gaming time of about 2-3 hours each day. Those 2-3 hours you get alone are essential to yourself.

Step 2. Keep your spouse happy. She is the reason why you get to game. So treat her right, take her out each weekend, and find a sitter when you can for date nights. You keep her happy, you get to game the rest of your life. Do not start your gaming until your spouse is ready to go to bed. Spend quality time with your lover dedicated to her and only her. Also, once the weekend comes she gets to do whatever she wants to do. You don’t like it? So what! She has given you your gaming time each night and that is a darn good compromise. How awesome is that.

Step 3. If your kid has evolved enough to understand how to use a controller then you have hit the gaming jackpot. I am not there yet with my beautiful daughter, but that time will come shortly. This is a great time to bond with your kid while getting an early gaming fix if you want more than 2-3 hours a night after everyone is off to bed. I’ve personally stocked up on fun side scrolling platformers and 3D platformers for her once her time has come. Right now, she has learned how to navigate a tablet playing educational games I got for her, so her time is coming soon. I’m stoked! I even get to show her the games I grew up on! What a treat!

Step 4. Find a game for you and your partner to play and you can start playing right away after your kid is asleep. If your partner is not a gamer, try Until Dawn or any Mario game. Start simple.

Any interest you can spark with your partner will give you both even more bonding time. You’ll want to beat the game together and likely taking breaks in between making out with your partner. I mean, how awesome is that? My lady and I have beat Donkey Kong Country Returns, Shovel Knight, Super Mario Brothers Wii U and we are onto much more. We’re using the same controller my daughter will use in a bit to keep these fun times rolling. These games are gateways into playing more challenging games later so appreciate the process. You’ll be so happy.

So those are really the basic simple steps into finding your time to game. We all have 24 hours a day and like anything you want to do, it’s all about time management. You have to give to get.

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