Pokemon GO Footage Leaked!

Footage from the Pokemon GO Beta version has leaked online. Finally. Some blurry footage showed up before, but this is about 10 minutes of full gameplay! Hooray! This will be Nintendo’s second mobile game and the first one that constitutes an actual game. (Sorry, Mittomo, but you’re just a social media app.)

The footage shows what we expected. The game starts by allowing you to build your trainer: male or female; hat or no hat; etc. The footage shows 20 Pokeballs, though we aren’t sure if this is the starting number or what (I fear that this will be a part of in-game purchases).

You can control a gym. You can level up your player. It looks like some interesting twists on the standard Pokemon formula.

The most exciting thing is the augmented reality. The leaked footage shows a fairly good, if a bit choppy, take on catching Pokemon in real life. The map seems to show where Pokemon may be. Then you search around with your phone camera to find a real, live (well, not exactly real…) Pokemon! So far we’ve seen Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Eevee, Geodude, Porygon, Vulpix, Magnemite, Meowth, Ekans, and Poliwhirl.

Notice a theme? The Beta version seems to only include Gen 1 Pokemon. As an old man, I fully support this.

Does it look fun? Definitely. Does it look like a simple, time wasting app designed to cost you money? Definitely! Collect – and likely buy – shards to evolve your Pokemon. Use the simple battle system to raise their levels. Probably spend more money on Poke Balls and potions and things.

Either way, I’m geeking out! I’m excited! The augmented reality looks decent. I look forward to being the first person hit by a car because they were running around trying to hit the target circle of a Psyduck with a Poke Ball.

Look for the app to come out worldwide later in 2016.

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