"Mayans" - Sons of Anarchy Spinoff

I know many of us cringed when the Sons of Anarchy show came to an end. The show had a huge following and put motorcycle clubs on the map. When the show ended, many were left with nothing to replace it as currently no show is similar to it.

FX networks has finally put a new show into production: a spin off showcasing The Mayans. The Mayans were a Motorcycle club based out of Oakland not far from where SAMCRO was from. The Mayans and SAMCRO had a very rocky friendship to say the least.

This new show will highlight the history of the The Mayans without having to ruin the existing story that was already established by SAMCRO. It is expected for some of the original members of SAMCRO to make special appearances. I’m looking forward to this new show after falling in love with the bad boys of Sons of Anarchy and I know all of us had our favorites.

Kurt Sutter will return as the executive producer for this show. While there’s no official premiere date yet, we’ll keep you posted.

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