Why I didn’t watch Sunday's “Fear The Walking Dead”

Just like you, I’m a Walking Dead fan. We’ve been through all the “Come on!” and “Really, you can’t just run.” Don’t forget the “Geez dude, can’t you just stab them one by one?” And despite all real frustrations, I’ve slowly accepted that this is a TV show and not real life!

What has made it seem real with The Walking Dead are the characters. Really simple: you have strong ones, weak ones, helpless ones and leaders. It was clear after the first few episodes of the first season.

There’s comfort in knowing what everyone is capable of. That’s how we make a connection. That’s how something can become dramatic when that character does something different from their normal characterizations. When that person is given a chance to be a hero or even a villain…then you have me hooked. This simple formula has worked for script writers for thousands of years (maybe not thousands of years).

Now, let’s venture into the void called Fear the Walking Dead-- Which should be renamed to “Please Zombie Lord! Just let everyone get killed because I don’t care!”

We are now in the second season of this show. As per the Nerdbot.com writing guidelines, I would typically reference character names and their actors, but just to prove I point…I definitely WILL NOT!

I don’t care about a single character on this show. To start, in Season 2 we find our cast of pointless people sailing on a yacht off the California coast. I, in all blunt honesty, care more about the yacht and its mechanical wellbeing than I do about the characters on this show.

I feel no love, drive, connections, will, or strength from any of these characters. There’s no personality, there’s no development.

Script writers? Come on guys. I know you assumed that this is a spin-off of The Walking Dead so it would be a cake walk. Do better guys. Do it for your kids, your friends, and the Berkley college professors that believed in you.

The point of my little rant? I’m debating whether I should press play on this next episode. I’m on the edge.

Get it together guys or I’ll find my zombie kick somewhere else.

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