Whose Side Are You On? #TeamCap

We all know about the upcoming civil war between our beloved Captain America and Iron Man. It's forced us all to choose a side. The only side you should even consider is Captain America.

Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, comes from a simpler time a time from where when someone needed your help they would help you. He’s a sentinel for liberty, justice, and everything that is pure in this world a light hearted man who would risk his life for you no matter what the cost is for him.

Cap doesn’t care about what people think about him or how much money is in his bank account. All he cares about is doing the right thing and nothing less. Even when faced with almost certain death when he fought the Winter Solider (aka Bucky Barnes -- his best friend), he knew that there was a light of hope in him. Cap always sees the good in people and believes that people can change for the better.

Cap understands what it means to struggle due to the hardships of life as a child. He wasn’t very rich at all and was always picked on as a child because of his size. This is why Steve was the perfect man for the Super Solider Program because he understood the concept of right and wrong and only wanted to do the right thing.

Not only did Captain America fight so bravely in World War 2 with all those brave souls but he always fought Hydra and prevented them from taking over the world way before anyone even knew how much of a threat they were. Ultimately those actions caused him to crash land in the arctic and freeze. But he would soon become the icon that we all look up to. The one man we knew who would go above and beyond the call of duty to save anyone no matter who they are, rich or poor. He’s the type of man that doesn’t seek fame or glory for his actions. He doesn’t care if he’s in the limelight or not. All he cares about doing is the right thing. Even if that means others may disagree with him. Steve though is a very understanding man who will try to see things from your side even if he doesn’t fully understand.

With all that being said this is why you need to side with Captain America, so come May 6th show your support to Team Cap and be that shining example that would make Cap so proud to have us on his side.

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