Gears of War 4 Beta is a Great Blast from the Past

The Gears of War 4 Beta was up for a limited number of days. It was taken down officially on May 1st. Did you miss it? Don't worry we have you covered! Read on to learn what you missed.

Playing the new Gears of War beta is great in every single way. The controls of the game are same exact way as it was in the Xbox 360. So for someone like me who played a lot of Gears of War before the Xbox One, I was able to pick up right where I left off. The game looks beautiful with the new software engine that they're using on the Xbox One. With all the little details that they added to the game with the LED lights on the COG soldiers or even the rough patches on the Swarm, is a welcomed addition.

It’s brings the feeling nostalgia when you get an active reload, once you start the chainsaw on the lancer, or even once you get into a chainsaw battle. The beta also gives you a little input on the story of the game for instance you know that the Locust is no longer a threat to the COG but a new threat has emerged. They look very similar to the Locust but take the name of the Swarm. It leaves you to guess of why they look so similar to the Locust and what are their motives in the upcoming Gears Of War.

It even introduces the characters that will be on the COG side and they are JD Fenix, Del Walker, Kait Diaz, Oscar Diaz, and Reyna Diaz. Just based off those last names alone it tells you that they're related and JD based off the trailer is Marcus Fenix’s son (The main character of Gears 1-3).

It also introduces a few new weapons my personal favorite “The Dropshot” which is pretty much a grenade launcher that shoots missiles that drop then explode. And the “Buzzkill” that shoots saws at whoever is in its path.

They even added a new mechanic to the game that allows you to grab your enemy if they're on the other side of ledge you’re taking cover on.

With all that being said Gears Of War 4 looks like it's going to be an amazing game for the multiplayer and I’m super excited to see how the do the campaign.

The game is going to be released later this year on October 11th.

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