Loki2016 - Political Stance: Distribution of Wealth

My fellow Americans,

In these times of polarizing political issues and cleverly woven propaganda spun to make sense of malicious practices, the masses have found themselves peering across a field of battle at their own neighbors. We are a nation divided and our current presidential candidates offer only lukewarm rhetoric to avoid the larger issues by way of staunch pageantry built on the premise that any decisive course of action will simply never come to be addressed.

I can assure you; the voter, that with your vote and my inevitable leadership as President of these United States of America, the time of hollow promises and shirked responsibilities will come to a swift and harshly punctuated end. Change is possible, and if we all work together, I can make that change a great one. One that works for the betterment of myself and of you and of all mankind. In that order.

Americans are granted the ability to choose. Choice is the first glance freedom. Freedom is a chance to hold power. Power rises from ability. Ability is is fueled by resources. But alas, resources cannot be held in abundance by all. That’s where the debate begins.

One side believes that only the strong are fated to survive. This is true. The other side believes that all should have a chance to grasp power. This is also true. How may we reconcile the gap between those who have and those who have not? The answer is simple. A system of checks and balances. A nationwide challenge where those who have power are granted the opportunity to prove their worth.

Meanwhile, those who have little are lawfully granted a chance to show their own power.

I propose this; The five wealthiest individuals in the nation will need to single handedly protect just one of their basic rights. The right to life. They do, after all have so much at their disposal, and it seems a shame for the government to cover every little trivial need of the people. Ask any billionaire.

Rights are expensive to maintain for all. Let these five living champions of outrageous success show just how far a man or woman can go on the strength of his or her own character and the work of his own hands when they have more than anyone else; more of everything except this one right.

And conversely, let us see for once how industrious the common man can be. The American dream is one of tireless labor, sowing the seeds of determination and reaping the reward of material possessions, luxury and leisure IF one can do what it takes to earn those rewards.

America can be what every nation once was before the dawn of what we so laughably call “civilization.” Humans used to be equal in every way. Imagine citizens standing alone. Each armed for the fierce battle of capitalism with the power of true freedom and of course whatever weaponry they might be able to procure.

The details are simple. If you are among the five richest people in the nation, you have no doubt proclaimed your own superiority and tenacity while regaling others with the tale of your success. Well, in my America you’ll need to ante up before telling the end of that tale. Half of your wealth is now on the table. Upon the violent loss of your own life, fifty percent of your assets will be liquified and awarded to your executioner(s); tax free and completely legally. The other half will be distributed as your living will or final words specify.

If you are not one of those five people, I’d like to offer you a job. Call it what you’d like. Bounty hunter. Gladiator. Government-sanctioned Assassin. You are free to take the prize if you possess the will and the cunning. It’s as easy as that.

This plan is expected to also have a few added benefits as well. Economists predict that its activation will drive a major upturn in the private security sector and the manufacturing and installation of surveillance equipment as well as the creation and sale of lethal weaponry. That’s a big step toward a booming economy. This can be the age when we solve the employment crisis in America. I also predict that we may see a huge step forward for donations to charitable causes from the top of the economic pyramid.

Today, we say that money is power. Tomorrow we will say that power is power. That’s a simpler message. A message America can understand. A message that any American would kill to make so. The only question remaining is whether you will use the power of choice today in order to have a chance at real power in the America of tomorrow.

Choose to dream of a more empowered United States.

I’ll handle the rest.

-Loki Americanson

Current candidate for President of the United States of America

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