Whose Side Are You On? #TeamIronMan

Tony Stark’s story is a very human one. Tony Stark wasn’t born perfect. He was born in a very, very privileged world. He used his genius to help feed a world of violence, a world he only knew of then. With eyes wide open, he knew and understood his mistakes and redirected his mind and resources to help better the world.

It’s a constant cycle, isn’t it? (Ignoring the fact that it was Hank Pym who created Ultron in the comics) Tony Stark creating his biggest villains. But aren’t we all like that? Don’t we create the drama that ensues in our lives and don’t we have the power to change that? Tony Stark, his mistakes or not, uses his powers to change that.

He’s a genius. A logical man disguised as a self-centered, billionaire, Tony Stark knows a world of war and a blissful war in present times. He knows what could have worked if people existed in the 1940s, but he knows the world is no longer in that time. Through his attitude it may appear he acts brashly, but his intellect prevents him to do so. Uttering the words, “We are not heroes,” in Avengers, he knows his limitations, but proven by his trip into a portal into space, he is selfless. He became a hero.

Take a look at his team members. The Vision fights alongside Tony in Civil War. As seen in Age of Ultron, he is worthy. Combined with the intellect granted to him by the Soul Stone, The Vision, to put it simply, knows what he’s doing. Black Widow, ex-spy, now exposed (granted she may be a “double-agent” of sorts), knows how the mind works and knows how the world works. Also Black Panther and Spiderman. ‘Nuff said.

Tony Stark may not have been born with justice in his bloodstream or righteousness in his lungs, but he’s working on saving the world logically instead idealistically with a team of nearly equally intellectual people.

#TeamIronMan may not be the team of heart, but it is the team of mind.

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