Worst and Absolutely Most Laughable Movie and TV Costumes

1. Steel

Between the nineties DC era and the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy is Steel, the sub-par, awkward to watch and overall forced movie about John Henry Irons played by Shaquille O’Neil. A lot of superhero movies were made with the intention of telling a good story about whatever hero and now to make movies with a connected universe. Steel did none of that and the costume was just flimsy and poorly designed, adding insult to injury.

2. Catwoman

Another example of making superhero movies for the sake of getting money using an actress who has admitted to not liking comics. Better costumes have been made in porn parodies, from the ripped pants, to the belly shirt. They were going for sexy and this is what happens when you tried too hard.

3. 1970 Captain America

I know this was before the now golden age of superhero movies and was running at the same time as one of the best iterations of the Hulk but the dorky helmet, clear “Metal” shield, and the costume may have been cool for its time but we all know that means its not cool now.

4. Deadpool X-men Origins

Thank the movie gods that X-Men: Days of Future Past rebooted the X-men cinematic universe so we can have the incredible new Deadpool. Unfortunately, we all still remember when Fox was trying to do “their own thing with Deadpool” for X-Men origins. Sewing the Merc with the Mouth’s mouth shut has to be nearly one of the worst Fox decisions made, surgery marks and tattered pants was all we thought we were gonna get for a while but thankfully we were wrong.

5. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Both of these movies were bad, but somehow the second was even worse. While the scenes of his fights had some great moments, overall it was a horribly taken care of film, bouncing around stories and wasting Idris Elba. The costume was an ashy leather jacket with an ashy skull and for some reason changing flame colors?

Tell us in the comments below which TV or Movie costume is the absolute worst?

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