Day One Denial? The Cost of Console Early Adoption

With the rumor mill running strong about new innovations to current generation consoles-- such as the Xbox One.5, PlayStation Neo, and Nintendo's new console currently name the Nintendo NX-- it makes a gamer think about the cost of all the possibilities in front of them. Should I preorder the newest console from Nintendo? Should I upgrade to the newest version of my current console day one? Is it worth the cost? All these questions and more fill a consumer's mind. With the possibility of many new console iterations being announced this June at E3, it is important to understand the pros and cons of being a Day One Adopter.

First to The Party

Being an early adopter brings about a lot of feelings. The excitement of turning on your new console, the exploration that you experience as you learn, the ins and outs of your new console, the feeling of exclusivity as you are the owner of something brand new that you are one of the first to ever experience but then, also a realization...

The biggest con and largest consumer regret is the cost of getting a console day one. For example, the people, like myself, who ordered an Xbox One to be shipped to their homes the first day it was available pays the full price of $500. I had just purchased the most expensive and basic model of the Xbox one that will ever come to market. It came with a Kinect, a 500-gigabyte hard drive, no games, and one controller for the price of $500 in November of 2013. All in all, I was happy to be an Xbox one owner as I experienced the next generation of console gaming.

And yet, let’s look at the facts.

As games were slowly released for new consoles, there was an unfortunate feeling because almost all of these games-- Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, Titanfall, Destiny, etc.-- were still being released on previous generation consoles.

Then came the real disappointments: the first price drop for the Xbox one, the Kinect no longer being a mandatory addition, the first game bundle, the first 1 terabyte hard drive Xbox. As each version was released, my buyers remorse grew more and more. Today, you can purchase an Xbox One bundle with larger hard drives, multiple games, multiple controllers, and special editions all several hundreds dollars cheaper than the Xbox One I purchased day one.

Early Adoption is a process that can be rather costly and at times can feel unnecessary when a little patience could save a lot of hardship but it does have its pros as well.

A Whole New World

Being an early adopter granted me the access to the power of this new generation and the joy of a whole new gaming experience. Take for example the Xbox One launch game RYSE: Son of Rome. RYSE is not the greatest game of this generation but it is by far one of the most graphically impressive. RYSE is a game that shows the power of this console generation as the art-style and production value of RYSE left me feeling a sense of happiness at early adoption because this was something that only early adopters could experience.

Perhaps the biggest pro of early adoption is the feeling of exclusivity. I felt like a VIP with my experience.

The games that were being released on both the Xbox One and the 360 looked and performed far better on an Xbox One. I knew I was experiencing the future of gaming and being a part of that future is a surprisingly powerful emotion.

So before you set your pre orders for the newest console, or maybe even one of the VR or AR headsets know this. Early adoption is a balancing act like no other. The money you spend will most likely be the highest price that item will ever have, but the time you have with being an early adopter is a special experience as you immerse yourself in a new gaming culture and experience. It may be pricey, it may be excessive, but it may be worth it.

What is your take on early adoption? Have you ever done it? Is it worth the cost? Tell us in the comments below.

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