Elite Dangerous: Horizons Comes to Xbox One

Ever dream about continuing the space exploration dream that President Kennedy instilled when we went to the moon? How about exhilarating space skirmishes that can quickly escalate to epic space armada battles? If you own an Xbox you may be disappointed that No Man’s Sky won’t be coming to you since it’s a PS4 exclusive and Star Citizen doesn’t seem like it’ll be available anytime soon. For those of you living under a rock No Man’s Sky is an exploration game which you can discover creatures, planets, and even run into other players while exploring the stars and even form wings.

Elite Dangerous is essentially the same thing except more on the side of conflict, filled with an aspect of dirty political factions that you can join and will give you benefits if you’re willing to put in the work to make your faction #1 on the ranking board. You can customize your ship to fly with speed or be armed to the teeth, at the cost of mobility of course. This game uses real world physics so you won’t simply be able to add weight without some effect.

If you’re more of a pacifist you can always become the best space trucker/smuggler or asteroid miner the galaxy has ever known. Or you can always invite your friends to fly with you as your protection while you haul all the goods. Currently, Elite Dangerous is available for the Xbox One as a two part game. If you just want to get in on the real action and blow stuff up Star Wars style, you can get the Elite Dangerous: CQC Championship stand alone title. Owners of the full game get both. While you may be the best pilot the galaxy has to offer, this game will challenge your reaction time, piloting skills, and systems management as you dodge moving asteroids and speed through corridors to gain an advantage on your opponent either through teamwork or as a solo ace pilot.

The only thing that No Man’s Sky trumps over Elite Dangerous is planetary exploration. Well, at least for now. Frontier Games just released a trailer for the new expansion, slated for release in the second quarter of this year that highlights planetside bases, alien discovery, rover exploration (with missiles *squeal*) and, intertwined land and air battles.

With a greater emphasis on ship customization than before, you can recruit/ befriend engineers that’ll craft upgrades unique to your ship. Both versions of Elite Dangerous will be forward and backwards compatible, allowing you to take all the hard work you put in the current game into Horizons. And all those starting with the expansion will be able to share the same space as the current players.

Along with the expansion, there will be an update that’ll really make the game seem alive; with new faces, missions; interaction between factions and multi-crew ship functionality that allow for as many players as the ship can crew to fly together that’ll be available for all players.

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