5 Best Live Action Comic Costumes

Comic-based live-action media has certainly moved away from bright spandex and tights toward the carbon fiber-esque and shiny. Here are five of the best iterations of comic costumes we've seen so far:

Number 5

Henry Cavill Superman/ Man of Steel

Putting the underwear inside the suit was a smart idea on the part of Director Zack Snyder. More than a cool design, this suit was on every Kryptonian body giving us an origin for the suit rather than the standard “Uh, because he’s Superman?” reasoning for his costume. Outside of the lack of underoos one of the biggest changes was the "S," giving it a cinematic context; a symbol of hope. The obvious design changes made his costume seem more alien.

Number 4

Charlie Cox Daredevil season 2/ Netflix’s Daredevil

From the bare minimum Devil of Hell’s Kitchen black mask, to the Season 1 finale suit, the evolution of Daredevil’s costume throughout this series has been great to watch. But after a battle with the Punisher, Daredevil needed an upgrade. While not a huge change, Daredevil got new gauntlets and of course a new mask which gave him more of the classic comic look.

Number 3

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool/ Deadpool

Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds are practically the same person. Before the movie even got green lit the artists already began work on the costumes because they knew they couldn’t make another mistake like X-Men origins: Wolverine, and luckily they freaking nailed it.

Number 2

Ben Affleck Batman/ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

By far the most comic accurate Batman costume of every Batman movie ever. Ben Affleck is 250 lbs in this film making him the largest and by far most formidable Batman to be on the silver screen. The costume's simplicity and comic based coloring was inspired by the Jim Lee version of the character and helped Batfleck give fans the best movie Batman.

Number 1

Robert Downey Jr. Iron man/ Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was completely unprecedented and it began with a single hero, Mr. Tony Stark. His armor is never the same by the end of every movie he’s in, which is the only way that you could tell an Iron man story. Like all technology, the Iron Man suit must always be updated into new and specialized versions. Hopefully, one day we can get the Superior Iron Man armor on screen.

What have been your favorite costumes on screen? Let us know in the comments below!

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