5 Comic Book Mothers We Love (and Hate)

We’re celebrating and thanking all moms today. From adoptive mothers, to biological mothers, to spiritual incarnations, and even the ones that have raised us to become fearful assassins. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

5. Talia Al Ghul

Daughter to the League of Assassins’ leader, Ra’s Al Ghul, she slipped Batman an in-world roofie equivalent and bore his son, Damian Wayne. She dotes on Damian, going so far as to keep him from living a normal childhood, raising him as a weapon, and cloning his organs to replace any of his damaged ones. After dumping her son with the Dark Knight (and later Dick Grayson—whom she tried to force Damian to kill), she declares war on Batman and then has a clone son kill her own son to wound Batman, emotionally. Mother of the year.

4. Raven Darkhölme

Raven was married to German nobility and flitted around under many disguises after strains on their relationship. After being seduced by the mutant Azazel, she becomes pregnant. She kills her husband, gives birth to the mutant Nightcrawler, was labeled as a demon, and abandons her son. Thanks, Mom.

3. Wanda Maximoff

Despite being manipulated into marrying Vision so that she would never have children who could shake the universe with her inherited powers, she had twin sons via magic anyways. However, the energy she used came from the demon Mephisto, who stole back the energy, thus killing them. Her sons were reincarnated as William Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd, who found her under Victor Von Doom’s control after being told their parentage from Vision. Billy Kaplan and Wanda had met prior to her disappearance where she gave him advice as he struggled to cope with his adolescence and sexuality (which lead him to almost killing his bully). She welcomed her sons with open arms before disappearing again.

2. Susan Storm

Susan Storm has two children with Reed Richards, Valeria and Franklin. Despite odd time traveling and alternate reality plotlines, she had been very supportive of her super powered children. She eventually becomes the guardian to eleven alien children whom later join her as a part of the Future Foundation.

1. Aunt May

Proof that biology didn’t define motherhood, Aunt May had raised Peter Parker for most of his life. Her influence on Peter Parker’s life is reflected in how they treat each other, with care and delicacy, as neither believes the other one to be stronger than they look. Even after finding out her nephew’s secret identity, she’s more accepting than ever.

Who are your favorite comic book moms? MARTHA?! Let us know in the comments!

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