Cosplay 101 Part 3/5: How to Find Events

Finding a con or a nerd meet up isn’t quite as hard as you may think. Check out your local hobby/collector shop or even comic book store (yes they still exist). Most Shops will have weekly meet ups or a bulletin board/ flyers at their shop about up and coming events it’s an easy way to get access to the scene and you might even meet people with similar interests during your search.

Another great way is check out the larger cons that everyone has heard of I.E. Wizard Con, NYCC, and SDCC and many others though some of them cost quite a bit to attend often they will help advertise local communities and smaller conventions.

Create your own, through your friends list on Facebook get your friends together and get flyers made up to a local park and have your own nerd hangout. Also a word of inspiration you maybe one of those people whose nervous about showing their nerdy side because of what other people think who cares about what others think do what makes you happy NERD AND PROUD.

And if you’re still searching, check out Convention Scene for a list of comic conventions around the world, and don’t forget to get your tickets to Nerdbot Con 2016.

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