World’s First Simpsons Store

I have perfectly cromulent news that will embiggen even the smallest hearts. Everyone’s favorite ridiculously long running series, The Simpsons, now has a brick and mortar store.

Too bad it’s in Beijing…

What’s even stranger is that it IS in Beijing. China has had a love-hate relationship with the Simpsons. It was banned until 2000 in the notoriously censorship loving country, then briefly banned again, but has come back in full force.

Fox will be teaming with Her-Chain to provide tons of products, many of which are exclusive. Will we see Bort license plates? Will we see the Lady Krusty line of grooming supplies? What I do know is that after 27 seasons and 594 episodes, I still love this show. You should too. And if you do end up in China, pick me up some cool exclusive Simpsons swag.

Maybe some Alf pogs.

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