X-Men Apocalypse Clip: Nightcrawler Vs. Angel

Highly anticipated Batman V Superman and Iron Man V Captain America have come to pass, but the year of the versus movies continues with X-Men Apocalypse. As the premiere date approaches, fans are gifted with new teasers, this one showcasing Nightcrawler versus Angel.

Who knows why a rich kid like Angel is in the cage, but we can safely assume that Nightcrawler was thrown into the fray after capture. Raven naturally feels the need to stop the fight and schemes to do so.

After Days of Futures Past retconned the previous X-Men trilogy, it’s unclear what direction the new film will go and how close to the comics it will follow. Though it was confirmed that Havok and Cyclops will be brothers, and in the previous trailer released that Magneto is Quicksilver’s father, the relationship between Raven and Kurt still remains to be seen.

Will her saving him from this fight club have any insight to their relationship? We’ll only know when the movie releases May 27th.

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