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My fellow Americans, I’d like to speak to you today about immigration. We are a great and proud nation that cannot be allowed to bear the burden of outsiders and their needs.

America is the jewel of the Earth: Mined from the rugged frontier of hard fought exploration. Hewn decisively by the choice of the people. Polished to perfection by the glamorous sheen of ingenuity. It vibrantly reflects all colors and its facets are beyond count. Each and every American in every home, on every street, in every town and in every state is the culmination of hundreds of years of a culture that we have been building together. Does that sound like something that needs to be laden with the potentially unhealthy customs of other nations?

Like any jewel, America can never be appreciated for all of its vibrance and complexity unless it is protected from forces that would tarnish and weather it. It must be maintained and worn reverently atop the head of a great leader; preferably on some form of gilded, band shaped adornment fitted precisely to the head size of that very leader. Exact measurements will be provided upon request.

Thusly, we are faced with a paradox. Cultivating American diversity is tiresome work but the final product is stunning. Our neighbors on every side want to shine with America, and who could blame them?


Inclusion comes with a hefty price though. To let everyone in would simply not make economical sense. Without citizenship, a mere “visitor” inside these 50 states may just be living and working for the benefit of some other nation while we, as a country foot the bill. And that’s not what America’s about. America’s about the red white and blue. There’s no free ride on the freedom train. We are a tribe and we will go to war to defend our borders so that the beauty of American culture will remain as it is today.

And so, my fellow Americans, I say that with me in the white house we can take the war to those very borders. We can push them out. Not the people. The borders. It turns out that there is a huge amount of land out there that the United States government has not explored, and by “explored”, I mean “owned and taxed.”

Imagine something with me for a moment: By August 2017, we could be welcoming the great state of Canada to our fold. Within 30 days of that, we extend our warm welcome to Central and South America. By December, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and even Antarctica.

All of the people, the cultures and the marketable resources of our newer, more powerful America could be contributing to the greater good that is; “Serving our brave and wise leader”, just as our forefathers intended it.

So, when voting time comes, ask yourself a question? Do we want outsiders crossing our borders… or will we make the right choice? The choice to make our borders cross them. For the good of all Americans, no matter which nation you were born from or are currently living in. You’ll all be Americans soon. I’ll see you at the polls.

-Loki Americanson Future president of the (Expanded) United States of America

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